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  1. Motion sensor lighting. Taking the time to install some motion sensor lighting outside can be an excellent deterrent for intruders. 
  2. Limit announcing your whereabouts on social media. While you do know most everyone on your friend list, the truth remains that more people can see our social media activity than we sometimes realize. Making an effort not to advertise that your home is empty can help prevent it from being a target. 
  3. Consider installing an alarm system. Alarm systems have come a long way–they’re easy to install and even easier to operate. Many of them will notify the company and/or the police if the alarm is tripped, which can protect your house from further damage or theft if someone were to force entry.
  4. Install cameras. Perimeter or porch cameras are so easy to install and operate now, it’s almost remiss not to own one. Cameras act as a deterrent and can help catch individuals who wander onto your property. Most of us know someone who was able to successfully identify the person who stole a package from his front porch because of a doorbell camera.

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