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Protect your Vehicle with a Financial Safety Net: Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Your automobiles are likely one of your most significant investments as well as your largest exposure to liability.

Since 1962, Northeast Underwriters has helped individuals across the St. Petersburg, FL, area protect their most precious investments. Your vehicle represents one of those investments. Without your car, you couldn’t get to work in the same convenient fashion that you do now. Nor could you efficiently run errands or fulfill your obligations.

So, you need to protect your vehicle with a financial safety net: auto insurance.

When you work with Northeast Underwriters, we want to help you feel confident in your insurance coverage selection, so we explain what each coverage option involves. We also help you save money by making sure the coverage you select protects your car in the most cost-effective manner.

Know What Your Insurance Covers

Auto insurance covers your vehicle should something happen to it during an accident. In most cases, this insurance covers any harm done to another’s property, but it could also cover your own losses should the other driver lack insurance or should you suffer an accident nobody causes. 

Common expenses that insurance coverage includes:

Bodily injury or harm done to another driver or passengers in an accident

Destruction or damage to another’s property in an accident

Accidents involving underinsured or uninsured drivers

Collision damage sustained in an accident

Damage from vandalism, theft, falling objects, and storms

Reasonable medical costs in no-fault situations

Rental car expenses

Towing and labor costs

When you meet with us at our location in St. Petersburg, FL, we’ll explain your auto insurance coverage in more detail. We’ll also help you search through various coverage configurations to ensure you get an insurance plan that fits your described needs at the most competitive price.

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